Using views to display a nodes author name

When using views to create a list of nodes you will notice that there isn't an option to show the authors name. The closest thing you will find under the field options is the associated users ID (User: Uid). In order to show the authors actual name you need to use relationships. Below are the simple steps to set this up.

  • Go to 'Relationships' located under the 'Advanced' options and click 'add'
  • Select the option 'Content: Author' and apply
  • Now when you go to add fields you will notice several new fields, including 'User: Name'
  • When configuring 'User: Name' make sure that the relationship field matches what was set as the identifier under the 'Relationship'. If you have only one relationship set then it should be selected automatically. 



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Justin Chevallier

Justin Chevallier

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Submitted by mwangi on

that is just what I needed

Submitted by Jo on

Thanks very much for the simple straightforward answer. Been looking everywhere for the method on doing this.
Thanks again.

Submitted by Justin on

Glad this was of help!

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