Panel view with exposed filters block

Using panels to render a view in one region, while the views exposed filters are rendered as a block in a seperate region, is useful when you want to:

  • place your exposed filters somewhere other than the top of the view - where they appear by default
  • stay on the same page when using the filters - page url doesn't change just gets appended with the query string
  • use your view with a panels page - without being sent to the homepage when filtering

For this example we'll say that we've already created a content type called 'Job listings', which includes a 'location' selection. Our view will render out these 'Job listings', and the exposed filter will let you filter refine by 'location'. 

1) Create the view with exposed filters

  • Create a view using the 'Content pane' type of display.

    • You can do this by creating a view using: shows 'Content' of type 'Job listing' sorted by 'Newest first'
    • When you 'continue & edit' you can add a display type of 'Content pane' by clicking the '+ Add' button under the 'Displays' title
  • Set up the 'Fields' to render what you want to show, eg. 'Title' & 'Summary' (provided you're using the fields format). 
  • Add your 'Filter Criteria' including the exposed filter, eg 'Published - yes', 'Content type - job listing', 'Location - exposed'
    (the exposed filter will be enabled by enabling the 'Expose this filter to visitors, to allow them to change it' checkbox).
  • Under 'Pane Settings' change 'Use Panel Path' to Yes
  • Under 'Advanced' set 'Exposed form in block' to Yes

2) Create your panel page

  • In the main content panel region where you want your results to appear:
    'Add content > View panes > View: Job listing'
  • in the block region where you want the exposed filters to appear:
    'Add content > Views > Exposed form: job_listing-panel_panel_1'
  • In the settings of your exposed filters block ensure that 'inherit path' is checked
Justin Chevallier

Justin Chevallier

Avid Drupal site builder & user for +10 years.


Submitted by Douglas T on

Thanks. I actually had everything working, but I couldn't find the exposed filter block in Panels. I didn't realize it was being listed under "Exposed form:..."

Submitted by Alex on

"In the settings of your exposed filters block ensure that 'inherit path' is checked."


Submitted by Justin on

To be completely honest it doesn't seem to make a difference in D7 (although I have a feeling it did in D6). I've tested with it enabled and disabled and it's the same outcome.

From what I can tell it might be a bug - unless I'm understanding it wrong - as I think that by having 'inhert path' enabled it means that you stay on the same page while the results just get filtered.

For example if you were on a job search page at: and then filtered your search it would maintain the /jobs part of the URL and just change to something like

Submitted by Anonymous on

This helped me a lot. I searched on D.O. and stackexchange and found nothing. Thanks for this simple, well written post.

Submitted by Daniela Contreras on

Thanks! It was easy and very clear.

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