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Drupal 8 LogoDrupal 8 has introduced some pretty big changes to the way things are done. Although this is very exciting, it can seem rather daunting to those of us who have a steep learning curve ahead. This ever-growing list of tutorials and resources should hopefully help get you up and running.

Please comment if you think of anything worth adding to the list.

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Drupal 8 uses a new template engine which will make theme markup simpler and easier to understand for non-developers.

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Justin Chevallier

Justin Chevallier

Avid Drupal site builder & user for +10 years.


Submitted by Jared Whitehead on

I really like the Block plugin API article that's posted in your resources I was used to older versions and used hook_block_info() or the general hook_block() as mentioned so this was a great read for me. If your open to other additions to your resources, Appnovation Technologies wrote a really good blog post about making your own theme in Drupal 8 using Sass, breakpoint, and singularity, that would fit well under Theming. http://www.appnovation.com/blog/creating-drupal-8-theme-sasssingularity-...

Submitted by Justin on

Thanks Jared, I'll add that link to the theming section. Glad you learnt something :) 

Submitted by osvinsolution on

Hey Justin
It is really helpful for me. Thanks for sharing this info. Nice blog.

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